Visit us at EcoMotion 2024 in Tel Aviv

Behind every great advancement are materials that redefine the boundaries of what is possible. They are the silent heroes of innovation. This is especially crucial in times of change and disruption, which is the focus of the 12th annual EcoMotion main event in Tel Aviv.





EcoMotion 2024 will be a central gathering for the mobility ecosystem, concentrating on navigating the unknown and market shifts. Through panel discussions, interactive workshops, masterclasses, and demos, participants will discover how industry and startups are mastering the rapidly evolving mobility landscape.


Participation of Brain of Materials:

Brain of Materials, the SaaS platform that simplifies material selection and PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) for experts along the supply chain using AI, will be participating in EcoMotion 2024.

How Brain of Materials Supports Suppliers and OEMs:

  1. Digital Provision of Regulatory Requirements and OEM Delivery Specifications: Brain of Materials provides regulatory requirements and OEM delivery specifications in a digital and machine-readable form. From these, digital test plans for material and performance tests on components are created to support complementary reporting.

  2. Global Test IDs (GTIDs): We offer digital and machine-readable test standards as GTIDs that align with delivery specification requirements. Our GTID library includes ISO, ASTM, SAEJ, and OEM-specific test standards. Based on these, test plans are created to seamlessly commission and manage laboratories for material, function, and comfort tests on components.

  3. Automated Integration of Lab Reports: With Brain of Materials, the time-consuming manual copy-paste and download-upload tasks between different systems are eliminated. Our platform enables automated integration of lab reports.

  4. Automated Creation of Material/Component Performance Reports: We support the automated creation of material and component performance reports for PPAP reports, which are then provided by the supplier to TIER-1 and OEM.

Visit us at EcoMotion 2024 in Tel Aviv to learn more about how Brain of Materials drives mobility innovation by optimizing material selection and PPAP processes. Let’s celebrate the silent heroes of innovation together and shape the future of mobility.   

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