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With Optimized Workflows for the Aircraft and Aerospace Industry.​

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Faster Development

Reduce pre-development and series-development time until type approval.


Process Cost Savings

Streamline material approval, acceptance test procedure, and report across the supply chain to OEMs and Airlines.​


Increased Efficiency

Boost efficiency for suppliers, OEMs, and Airlines by up to 45% in the initial phase.


Reduce production and development time to 25 months until SOP.


Streamline material and PPAP approval for parts, components, and assemblies across the supply chain and OEMs.


Boost efficiency for suppliers and OEMs by up to 45% in the initial phase.

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How it works

Streamlined Processes for Suppliers, OEMs, and Airlines

Digital Specifications

Brain of Materials provides suppliers, OEMs, and Airlines with digital, machine-readable delivery specifications and requirements, including test standards.

Instant Compliance Checks

Quickly showcase where parts and materials meet the requirements of OEMs, Airlines, and Tier-1 suppliers including technical data sheets and test reports.

Intelligent Recommendations

Brain of Materials simplifies searches and generates recommendations based on technical drawings, material properties, and experiential data.

Services & Solutions

Automated Delivery Specifications

Digital and machine-readable delivery specifications and requirements, including test standards. Quick validation of purchased parts and materials against OEM and Tier 1 requirements.

Optimized Sample and Part Testing

Targeted, cost-efficient, and resource-saving planning and organization of test samples and parts. Accurate and automated reporting for seamless customer communication.

Inspection Plans for Testing & Validation

Automatic provision of necessary acceptance test plans for initial warranty confirmation and PPAP. Seamless connection with recommended test service providers or internal labs.

Library Function

Facilitates the search for suitable information based on technical component drawings and material properties.

Privacy and Data Protection

Your data security is our priority, ensuring trust and reliability in every step of the process.

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