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Streamlined Solutions for Material Data Providers and Consumers

Our Service Landscape offers comprehensive solutions designed to streamline processes for both material data providers and consumers. By leveraging our tools, users can ensure efficient and accurate material and part management throughout the supply chain.

45% Increased Efficiency
benefits for

Material Data Providers

Material Gallery
Efficient Release

Material & Part Release Manager

Manage and release materials and parts efficiently.
Benefits: Streamline approvals, ensure compliance, reduce time-to-market.

Material Organizer
Systematic Organization

Material Organizer

Organize and manage material data systematically.
Benefits: Improved data accuracy, easier access, enhanced collaboration.

Material Promotions
Marketing Support

Marketing & Sales Assistant

Support marketing and sales efforts with accurate material data.
Benefits: Boost marketing efficiency, improve sales accuracy, enhance customer satisfaction.

benefits for

Material Data Consumers

Release Manager
Efficient Release

Material & Part Release Manager

Access and manage released materials and parts seamlessly.
Benefits: Ensure timely updates, improve supply chain visibility, enhance decision-making.

Material Finder
Quick Sourcing

Material Finder

Find and compare materials efficiently.
Benefits: Quick material sourcing, improved decision-making, cost savings.

Material Scout
Innovation Scout

Material Scout

Scout for new materials and innovations.
Benefits: Stay ahead of trends, find sustainable options, enhance product development.

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