Material Testing:
Seamless Purchasing and Test-Report-Management through Brain of Materials.

In today's fast-paced world of material and component manufacturing, efficiency is the key to success. However, companies often fall short when it comes to seamless process integration and data management. This is where Brain of Materials comes into play – an innovative digital platform that connects material manufacturers, assemblers, semi-finished product manufacturers, component manufacturers with all kind of testing service providers, revolutionizing the coordination of testing services.  


The times of time-consuming back-and-forth between different parties are over. Thanks to Brain of Materials, all stakeholders can seamlessly connect with testing service providers and conduct material and component testing in an entirely new way. The system fills the gaps that conventional ERP systems often leave open, thus providing a comprehensive solution for the entire industry.



What does "seamless" mean in this context? Quite simply, through Brain of Materials, testing service providers of all kinds can be reached directly. From requesting quotes to placing orders and receiving digital feedback on test results, everything happens within a digital workflow. The manual, time-consuming processes of copy-and-paste or cumbersome download-upload scenarios are a thing of the past. Instead, material and component manufacturers are supported by directly comparing test results with customer specifications or seamlessly integrating these results into technical data sheets.

A major advantage of Brain of Materials is the preservation of data sovereignty. Material manufacturers maintain full control over their sensitive data at all times. This data-driven platform ensures security and confidentiality while facilitating smooth collaboration and efficient information exchange.

But that's not all. The great news is that Brain of Materials can seamlessly integrate with companies' existing ERP systems and all kind of test labs - 3rd-party-labs as well as internal ones. Instead of undergoing a complete restructuring, businesses can fully leverage the benefits of this innovation and optimize their processes without having to abandon their established systems.

The future of material testing and coordination is here, and it's called Brain of Materials. It's a step towards a more efficient, seamlessly connected, and data-driven industry. Join us as we change the way companies collaborate and drive the industry forward. Welcome to the future – welcome to Brain of Materials.

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