Catena-X e.V.
Brain of Materials becomes Member

On the sidelines of the VDA-Mittelstandstag (SME-Day) 2022, Oliver Ganser personally welcomes the Brain-of-Materials crew that has traveled to Frankfurt as a member company at Catena-X. The CEO of Catena-X e.V. and consortium leader of the Catena-X network explains the role of Catena-X for the automotive value chain.

Oliver Ganser:"At Catena-X we share the vision of a continuous data exchange for all participants of the automotive value chain. We can only achieve this goal together. That is why we are expressly encouraging numerous large and small medium-sized companies to join us, in addition to the 28 consortium partners. This also includes startups like Brain-of-Materials, which think and develop processes digitally end-to-end!". Brain-of-Materials joined the Alliance for Secure and Standardized Data Exchange as a member company shortly after Catena-X was founded in 2021.

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