Closing the loop
how to make post-Consumer textile waste circular

The textile industry is one of the most polluting ones out there. Every second, the volume of a garbage truck filled with both used and unused clothing ends up in a landfill. Only a minor share of this waste reenters our daily lives as low quality materials, such as insulation. This mountain of waste isn’t solely an environmental eyesore, it’s a nearly inexhaustible material source for new beginnings. 


Although there is a lot of discarded textile to work with, turning this goldmine into durable high-quality materials is extremely challenging. Textile waste isn’t only high in volume, it contains several types of fibers, materials, colors, and quality levels, which are impossible to sort industrially. 2019 Brain-of-Materials initiated a project named "Fibers Unsorted" to reinvent yarns containing high amounts of fibers out of post consumer textiles. Together with Trützschler, Cirma and Envisions a new kind of yarn was born that fullfills the most of various sophisticated technical requirements typically met in the automotive industry at least.

You´re interested to join the open ThinkTank "Fibers Unsorted" during the Milan Design Week? So, then apply for more information and stay continously updated before and during the Milan Design Week between June 7-12.


Stay updated!


Brain-of-Materials and Envisions show the most exciting extract in Milan during the most influencing exhibition on furniture and living trends from 7th until 12th of June at the CERTOSA INITIATIVE, Center of Milan. The exhibition outsite the official fairground contributes to the development of circular furnitures and hometextiles with various exhibits. There is Wyron truecycled®, the first, ready to use, yarn that is manufactured from unsorted fibers utilizing the truecycled process, enabling ripped fibers of different compositions of up to 100%. Wyron yarns are available in different blends of recycled PES to increase performance while still using as much post-consumer material as possible (truecycled 100/75/50).

As a result of the different colors and fibers, melanges are created that have their own characteristics. Through an open dialogue with the industry, we discuss established color requirements and the current demands for color matching. Wyron truecycled® is literally the outcome of the "Fibers Unsorted"-project and will be shown not only as yarns but used in "Rē x Kneitz", an exciting hometextile-collection created by Kneitz Austria as well.

To give an imagination about how furniture, homeinteriors and exteriors can be designed for use and reuse, BREATHAIR® from INDORAMA Ventures complements the exhibits as an innovative and groundbreaking 3D cushion material that is, in addition to its use in automobiles, also recommended as an upholstery core material for indoor and outdoor furniture and all types of mattresses.

Brain-of-Materials provides the digital fairground to connect all exhibits´ materials in that digital supply chain from raw material to product. There are shown the digital twins of the physical exhibits, digital color, digital texture, digital Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). You´re invited to join that show.

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