Digital Engineering

We accelerate your ideas with the digital material and product twin: digital feasa-bility, digital color, digital texture.


Digital Release Workflows

We simplify material- and product release workflows from OEM across the supply chain and raw material producers: end-2-end.


Digital Sourcing Digital Sales

We connect your ideas with suitable providers on our 365days exhibition for material solutions.


Building | Architecture 

Brain of Materials becomes partner of CRADLE TO CRADLE NGO. 

Sören Bartol, the parliamentary state secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Construction recently took the following position at the C2C Summit: "Cradle to Cradle is an important building block for making our environment climate- and resource-friendly. In times of material shortages, it becomes especially obvious that we can no longer afford to throw away valuable materials and how important it is to recycle already used resources through a closed loop economy!" ...



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The way Russian President Vladimir Putin justifies his invasion of Ukraine to the world community can hardly be surpassed in terms of contempt for humanity. How can his so-called liberation of Ukraine from fascists conceal the fact that he is having women raped, children killed and families destroyed? Our solidarity is now with the people of Ukraine. That's why designers set out to express this in material composings made of sustainable materials!

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