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On a planet subject to gravity, the pursuit of lightweight design—for objects such as cars—plays a pivotal role in reducing emissions and lessening their environmental impact of pollution. This trend has sparked a new wave of technical materials, where the mantra 'less is more' has found its technical embodiment. 

Notably, many of these innovations may not be immediately visible on the material's exterior. Technologies like honeycomb cores and knitted structures, among others, are ushering in a new landscape of subtle yet highly efficient materials, giving rise to lightweight volumes that redefine the boundaries of technical possibilities.

Exemplifying this evolutionary shift is the Refined Honeycomb Board from Triplex Kunststoffe. True to its name, this board features a honeycomb structure at its core. Beyond its lightweight nature, the material offers additional benefits through its surface finishing, showcasing high stability, slip resistance, and complete recyclability. This makes it a versatile solution for various applications.

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Continuing along the spectrum of hard materials, we encounter the Technical Mesh from IMesh, which proudly reveals its lightweight structure. Comprising multiaxial braids and scrims in materials such as basalt, carbon, and fibreglass, this material offers thermal shielding and sunlight reflection. Moreover, the material excels on a technical front, featuring noise reduction, corrosion resistance, a flame-retardant finish, and environmental friendliness.

Transitioning into the realm of soft materials, we come across the Metal Fabric from Sefar. This black PET fabric can be aluminised, coated, or printed. With excellent light and heat values, the fabric provides privacy due to its clever optical tricks. Consequently, it finds applications in laminated glass, room dividers, and interior design elements.

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Introducing another spacer textile that provides even greater volume is the Spacer Fabric 3DEA from Essedea. Comprising two outer layers held apart by pressure-resistant pile yarns, this three-dimensional textile enables optimum functionality for various applications. Beyond their functional properties, lightweight textiles also showcase acoustic capabilities, exemplified by the Three-Dimensional Waffle Fabric from Imbut. Ready to be customised for diverse applications and interior acoustic solutions, it can undergo personalisation through dyeing or printing processes.

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material lookout - lightweight - envisions

Similar material properties can be found in the Polyester Skin Honeycomb from Nidaplast, comprising a polypropylene honeycomb core with pre-bonded skins on each side. These skins can be easily swapped for different materials, rendering it a suitable partner for interior decorating, layout, partitioning, doors, furniture, and more.

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Even softer properties are evident in the 3D-Light Textile from Ettlin, a translucent fabric that generates 3D effects with an LED light source. Possessing a pronounced three-dimensional character, its surface is UV-stable and exhibits high colour and light fastness.

Introducing another captivating textile that brings us back into the third dimension is the Technical Spacer Fabric from Müller Textil. Thanks to its unique structure, the material is pressure-absorbing, point-elastic, and stretchable. Furthermore, it can be sewn, welded, or glued, adding to its versatility in use while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

material lookout - lightweight - envisions

Altogether, these materials showcase a new material landscape where technical innovations meet the shifting demands of our society. Lightweight materials go beyond mere trends, they are here to stay for years to come and their innovative constructions go beyond functionality by captivating our visual senses.






Refined Honeycomb Board - Triplex Kunststoffe
Polyester Skin Honeycomb - Nidaplast
Technical Mesh - IMesh
Metal Fabric  - Sefar
3D-Light Textile - Ettlin
Technical Spacer Fabric - Müller Textil
Spacer Fabric 3DEA - Essedea
Three-Dimensional Waffle Fabric - Imbut

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