Smart Materialfinder
Brain of Materials: Faster product development and optimized supply chains. Access reliable material data from all partners, streamline processes, and eliminate bottlenecks. Join us for easy data access, cost savings, and endless possibilities.
Smart Product Cost Optimization
We generate revenue and cost-saving potentials for your assembly by providing comprehensive services such as value analysis, material and manufacturing alternatives, constructive variations, and assembly optimization, which can be integrated into the existing development process or used for new or variant constructions.
Smart CO2-Footprint
Optimize the carbon footprint of your products and processes with our powerful comparison tool! Search and compare materials, raw and processed goods based on their Global Warming Potential or Product Carbon Footprint. Our user-friendly platform allows you to find the most environmentally friendly options and achieve your sustainability goals. Start now and contribute to a greener future!
Smart Color & Surface matching
Introducing Brain of Materials – the ultimate platform for digital color matching and texture mapping of your suppliers' materials. With AI-powered accuracy and reliability, say goodbye to manual matching and mapping. Analyze and compare different materials, collaborate with suppliers in real-time, and access your data from anywhere with our user-friendly interface. Join the many OEMs and brands already benefiting from Brain of Materials and experience a new level of efficiency and productivity.
Smart Force Majeure Support
Boost your coordination with material and part suppliers and easily find new suppliers with standardized data practices. Our up-to-the-minute product data from multiple sources helps you avoid errors and respond better to disruptions. Adopting common data formats and communication protocols improves efficiency and provides more certainty for your customers in uncertain times. Strengthen your supply chain resilience and streamline your operations with standardized data practices, available on our platform.
Brain of Circularity
Introducing Brain of Circularity - a revolutionary project transforming supply chain thinking. Our digital platform offers global material ID and digital product passports, enabling seamless traceability from materials to final products. With circular design in mind, we ensure a transparent and efficient supply chain that reduces waste and promotes sustainability. Join us in the movement towards a more sustainable future. Choose Brain of Circularity for your supply chain needs and make a difference today.
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