Smart Material Data Management.
We simplify your entire material and product data management within your company as well as towards your customers. From Experts for Experts - user centric and highly automated - accessible in one place!
Smart Marketing & Sales.
Expand your reach and increase your sales in the materials industry with our expertise in digitalization, which enables you to network online and sell effectively.
Smart Product Release Workflows.
Simplify your material release workflow as a material manufacturer and provide seamless integration into the supply chain for your OEM by providing high-quality data, from lab analysis to customer release, with Brain of Materials.
Cross Industry Application.
Benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in various industries. We have established ourselves in industries such as automotive, aviation, apparel, medical, and toys, and offer tailored solutions to optimize your materials and processes. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.
Get Your Product Carbon Footprint.
Stay one step ahead of new legal requirements such as the Supply Chain Act and CSRD and ensure that you minimize social and environmental risks. With Brain of Materials, you can determine the CO2 carbon footprint (PCF) of your materials and products, meeting the information needs of your customers.
Testing & validation.
Optimize your purchasing process for external laboratory testing for any lab of your choice with our all-in-one tool: make inquiries for testing costs, receive quotes, and place orders - all in just a few clicks! Save time and costs by eliminating tedious manual tasks.
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